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Sri Lakshmi Stotram with Meaning

Sri Lakshmi Stotram with Meaning

Aum Namaste-astu mahaa-maaye sree peethe sur-poojite,
Shankha chakra gaddaa-haste, Mahaa Lakshmi namo-astute.

Meaning : O Mahamaya, abode of furtune, who art worshipped by the Devas,
I salute Thee; O Mahalaxmi, wielder of conch, disc and mace, obeisance to Thee.

Aum Namaste garu-daaroode, kolaa-sura bhayankari;
Sarva paapa hare devi, Mahaa Lakshmi namo-astute.

Meaning : My salutation to Thee, who ridest the Garuda and art a terror to Asura Kola;
O Devi Mahalaxmi, remover of all miseries, my obeisance to Thee.

Aum Sarvagye sarva varde, sarva dustha bhayankari;
Sarva duhkha hare devi, Mahaa Laxmi namo-astute.

Meaning : O Devi Mahalaxmi, who knowest all, giver of all boons, a terror to all the wicket, remover of all sorrow, obeisance to Thee.

Aum siddhi buddhi prade devi. bhukti-muktipradaayini;
Mantra moorte sadaa devi, Mahaa Laxmi namo astute.

Meaning : O Goddess of Wealth, giver of intelligence andsuccess and of worldly enjoyment and liberation, Thou hast always the mystic symbols as Thy forms, O Mahaa Laxmi, obeisance to Thee.

Aum Aadhyanta rahite devi, aadhya-shakte maheshvari;
Yogaje yoga-sambhoote, Mahaa Lakshmi namo-astute.

Meaning : O Devi, Maheshwari, without a beginning or an end, O Primeval Energy, born of Yoga, O Mahalakshmi, obeisance to Thee.

Aum Stoola suksham mahaa rovdre, mahaa shaktemahodaye;
Mahaa paapa hare devi, Mahaa Laxmi namo-astute.

Meaning : O Mahaa Laxmi, who art both gross and subtle,most terrible, great power, great prosperity and great remover of allsins, obeisance to Thee.

Aum Padmaa sanas-thite devi, pare brahma svaroopini;
Para meshi jagan-maatar, Mahaa Laxmi namo-astute.

Meaning : O Devi, seated on the lotus, who art the Supreme Brahman, the great Lord and Mother of the universe, O Mahalakshmi obeisance to Thee.

Aum Svetaambar dhare devi, naanaa lankaar bhooshite;
Jagat stithte jagan maatar, Mahaa Laxmi namo-astute.

Meaning : O Devi, robed in white garments, and decked invarious kinds of ornaments, Thou art The Mother of the Universe and its support;O Mahaa Laxmi, obeisance to Thee.

Aum Mahaa Laksham-yashtak stotram, yahahpathed-bhakti maan narah;
Sarva siddhim vaapnoti, Mahaa Lakshmee prasaad taha.

Meaning : Whoever with devotion recite this hymn to SriMahaa Laxmi, composed in eight stanzas, attains all success through the Grace ofMahaa Laxmi Devi.

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