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Shashti Vratam


Shashti Pooja Vratam – Shashti Pooja to get Children

Shashti Pooja Vratam is very powerful Pooja for the Couples who wants to have a child. Do this Vratam for 5, 9, 11, 15, 21 according to you belief. (Some do Pooja after Full Moon 6day Sashti Thidi and continue it till 5 weeks) .

Start the Vratam on Shasti Thidi which comes after Amavasya 6th day skula shashti. Monthly 1 Shasti Vratam (6 day after Amavasya) is to be performed. The Vratam is done by couples also by ladies.

If Possible do take silver Nagaraja idol. Before Starting the Vratam Clean and house and Pooja place and keep your mind calm and pleasant. Take Head Bath Morning and start Puja.

Performing Shasthi Pooja (Vratam) :

Start Lighten the deepam offer flowers to Lord murugan and other Gods.

First pray to Lord Ganesha for removing all obstacles. Offer Ganesha Jaggery (Gud), Fruits as Prasadam.

Now Place the idol of Murugan or silver nagaraja and offer Your Prayers.

Now you can sprinkle some water – Om namaha arghyam

Now you can pour some water on the feet of murugan – Om namaha paadhyam

Sprinkle some water again – Om namaha aachamaniyam

Now you can sprinkle rose water or usual water – Om Oupachaarika snaanam

Sprinkle some water again as final purification – Om snaanaanandharam aachamaniyam

Now you can offer turmeric paste or if you have special dress for idol you can offer it – Om vastraartham akshadaam

Now you can offer Sandal Paste to the Vel or idol – Om gandhaan dhaarayaami

Now you can do decorations with flowers or garlands – Om gandhsyopari alankaaranaartham akshadaam

ow you can offer kum kum – Om…haridraa kumkumam

Finally, you can offer some flowers – Om pshpaih poojayaami

Now Do Milk Abhishekam to Silver Nagaraja Idol reciting Subramanya 108 Names.

After that por some water on ngaraja and clean with water and offer the Pushpams.

Note : If You don’t have an Silver Nagaraja Idol do just keep the Milk before Lord murugan and just read Ashtottarams 108 names.

Now Read Subramanya Ashtakam, Subrahmanya Karavalambham and Murugan Pancharatnam.

Offer Lord Subrahmanya fruits, Appam or Milk Payasam or any Naivedhyam of your desire and complete the Pooja with Aarti.

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