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Myths and Stories of Navarathri


Durga Navratri – the name signifies the festival celebrated for nine nights which is dedicated to Universal Divine Mother or Maa Shakti. The Goddess is being worshipedin this navarathri  from ancient aryans to  till today in India. 

Myths and Stories of Durga Navratri :

There are several myths, stories and legends about the celebrations of Durga Navratri. ‘Mahishasura Vadha’ (Demolition of Mahishasura by Durga) is the most popular among all the myths.

Mahishasura Vadha – Demolition of the Demon King :

A demon king, Mahishasura worshipped Lord Shiva and got the boon of eternity that his death should be at the hands of a woman and by no other human being or any form of living-being. Then, he started to harass and kill the innocent people and saints. All the people prayed to Trimurthi (Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara) to get rid of Mahishasura. The three supreme gods united their supreme powers and created a divine energy called Durga Mata or Shakti, the Warrior Goddess.Seeing the Divine beauty Maa Durga, Mahishasura got mesmerized and asked her to marry him. Maa Durga agreed to marry him but she kept one condition that he should win over her in a fight. Mahishasura accepted the condition. The fight continued for 9 nights and at the end of ninth night, Durga Mata demolished Mahishasura. Hence on 10th Day people celbrate  as “Vijaya Dasami ”

Worshipping of Durga By Lord Rama :

One of the myths behind the celebrations of Navratri states that Lord Rama who wanted to bring back Sita from the cruel clutches of demon king Ravana, worshipped Goddess Durga in nine various aspects for nine consecutive days to get all the the strengths and the powers to kill Ravana. Later on, those nine nights became popular as Navaratri. On the tenth day (Vijaya Dashami), Lord Rama killed Ravana.

Story of Godesses Sati :

The king of Himalayas, King Daksha had a beautiful daughter Uma. Uma wants to marry Lord Shiva and prayed to him and pleased him and god married to Lord Shiva. Once her parents conducted a yagna, for that she visited her parents and got insulted by her father. With that sudden incident, she jumped into the agnikund and united with the eternity. Thereafter, she is also called as Sati.  Sati was reborn again as Parvathi and married Lord Shiva in that birth also. She was very happy in that birth and at last peace was restored between her and her parents. It is said that Goddess Sati goes to her parents every year for nine days and during that period devotees celebrate the fest of Navaratri

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