Saturday , 19 August 2017

Lord Sri Rama


Lord Rama is one of the avatara of Lord Vishnu. He is regarded as one of the Supreme dieties of Hindus and also a for every one. He is an ideal son, husband, brother, a king  and also for truth and morality. The Hindu Mythology regards that Lord Rama is in Threta Yug which was described in “Ramayan” written by a sanskrit poet Rishi Valimiki . “Ramayana is regarded as one of two epic books which included Mahabharata. Vamiki and also later Tulasi das’s “Ramacharithamanas” also became popular and strengthen lord rama as one the Ideal dieties of hinduism.

Lord Rama along with wife Sita, brother Lakshmana, his follower Hanuman all together worshiped by hindus. The Life of Lord  rama  is full of sacrifies and also teaches that mankind to lead a truthful life and within the limits and precepts of the Vedic tradition and discipline. He is also refered as Maryadha- Purushothama, which literally means the Perfect Man. Lord Rama who has sacrified his thrown and goes to forest for 14 years. along with wife Sita and brother lakshmana saying that they can’t live without serving him(seeing). Later in forest Sita was kidnapped by Ravana and later with the help of Sugriva, hanuman and vanaras, lord Rama killed ravana and returns and rules Ayodha which is refered as “Rama-Rajyam.”

Lord Rama’s life shows that how a brother like lakshmana,also how a wife like sita follower and worshiper like hanuman should be there. Also how a great king like Ravana died with his ahankara and his own deeds and crossing the morality. So with Rama his follower hanuman is worshiped as one of the diety for hindus for  his surrenderness, love and bhakti towards rama.

Festivals of Lord Rama :

Lord Rama is worshiped in india, china, srilanka,Thailand, Indonessia,Nepal and other parts of south and southeast asia . The Festivals includes Sri Rama Navami is celebrated as rama’s birth as well as marriage to sita, Dashera is regarded as victory over Ravana  and Diwali as Rama’s return to Ayodhya.

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