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Lord Sri Krishna


Lord Krishna is regarded as one of the avatars of Lord Vishnuand also a Supreme God to Vaishnavas.He was appeared in Dwapara Yug (five thousand years ago) at Madhura India and his birth place is called “Sri Krishna Janmasthana” and his birthday is celebrated as “Sri Krishna Janmasthami“. Lord Krishna appeared with his brother Balarama to eliminate the demonic adminitration on earth .  Being a devine incarnation his birth, and his advice to Arjuna at battle field as “Bhagavad Gita” lead a life of a mischevious childhood, youth life , as a great warrior, his lilas(Devine play) are recollected, enjoyed praised and worshiped in this Kaliyug also. 

Krishna Birth and Youth :

The brith of krishna is regarded as one the lilas as he was born to princess Devaki and Vasudeva’s son in Madhura, but brought up as Yasodha and Nanda in Gokul known as Yadavas. When Devaki was married with Vasudeva, then Vani (power of god) says that her brother who is happy now will be killed by her son. So kamsa had couple and also his parents inprisoned predecting the future death. He killed all the children born of Devaki and when her 8th child was born by God’s lila he was shifted the baby to Gokul Yashodhas son. So krishna from there brought up as Yasodha’s son. Krishna is the most mischevious child, used to steal butter with his friends, destroyed demons and showed his lilas. In his youth age he did some adventoures like lifting Govardhana Hill, dancing on Shesha Naga (Kalinguni Padaga )and with the extraordinary music of his Flute he got the attention of young gopis performed Rasa-lila with his lover(bhaktha) Radha and also with Gopikas in Vrindavan and Nandagram in the autumn season at night under a full moon.

Krishna Kingdom :

Krishna and his brother balarama were invited by kamsa prdecting him as Devaki’s son and he killed Kamsa in the battle and realeased his parents and grandfather Upasana and crowned him as the Emporer. Along with balarama, krishna lived in Madhurafor some years  and later established their places in Dwaraka, western india and lived with their respective wifes Revathi and Rukmini . Krishna married many queens in which Rukmini,Satybhama and Jambhavathi are closer. Although they were married, Lord Krisna and Lord Balarama exhibited the quality of detachment from material life perfectly.

KuruSkhethra and Bhagavad Gita:

 Both Pandavas and Kauravas are cousins to Lord krishna and balarama in which krishna fond of pandavas for their truthness and Balarama on Kauravas for their warriorness.Krishna asked to pick his army or his for the battle Kuruskhetra and Kauravas picked his army and Pandavas picked krishna not as flighter but only as a charioteer for Arjuna in the great battle. At the Battle field Arjun throws his bows away that he can’t fight with his brothers, relatives for a kingdom then krishna advices and preches  arjuna  ”The Bhagavad Gita” which is one of two epic books including Ramayana. When Bhisma saw the universal form at the battle field he pronounced the Supremeness  in the form of  ”Vishnu Satahasthranama “. Other books related to Lord Krishna Srimad Bhagavatham, Bhagavatha Purana, Mathya Puranas etc. Later Balarama and  Sri Krisna resumed their life in Dwaraka and spent some thirty-five more years and Balarama gave up his body using Yoga and Lord krishna in a forest sat under a tree in meditation was the shotted of an by a hunter and wounded him morally.

Krishna- Bhakthi :

Krishna Bhakti is spreading love and surrending himself to the Supreme God not only in india it has spreaded to America, Europe, Africa, South America and Russia which the “Harekrishna Movement” by ISKCON ( International society of krishna consciousness).The famous Krishna Mantra which is receited even by a common man is also referred as “Maha Mantra”

   Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna

  Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

   Hare Rama Hare Rama

   Rama Rama Hare Hare

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