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Lord Maha Vishnu


Lord Vishnu is described as the Supreme Diety of  Trimurthi’s performing the responsiblity of Maintainance and  Preservation of the Universe. He is also called as MahaVishnu, Narayana and his followers are called as Vaishavas. Vishnu’s consort is Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth seated at his feet in  Skira Sagara(oean of milk) on Shesha Naga and lives in Vaikunta . Lord Visnu is decribed as blue-coloured, fourhands, holding a lotus flower indicating a gloruous existence of satya and dharma , a conch shell on other hand (shanka) spread the divine sound “OM” a  chakra in another hand (wheel-Sudharshana) destroying the evil and devolping the eternal truth,  and a mace (gada) providing the mental and physical strength to the disciple. His Vahana is a eagle bird named as Garuda.

In Puranas,Vedas and Hindu Mythology Lord Vishnu has 10 avastars, Dasavataras in which nine are already occured and one is yet to be  in kali yug. Lord Vishnu is praised and worshipped with ” Vishnu Sahastranamas”  which are spoken by Bhisma when he saw the Supreme Power of Vishnu while Maharatha. There are more other puranas ,vedas conforming the Supremness of Lord Vishnu from which the two epics “Bhagavad Gita”(krishna avatara) and Ramayana(rama avatara) which are derived from the avataram of Lord MahaVishnu has helped mankind to lead a life dharma and peacefully.

Avatharas of Lord Vishnu :

The following are the 10 Avataras of Lord Vishnu is which he is more popular as Rama , Krishna and Narasimha, Venkateswara  are more popular and worshiped by his dieties.

  • Matya Avatara (Fish avatara in which is has head of man and body of fish)
  • Kurma Avatara(Turtle avatara stood as a base to Skira Sagara madhana)
  • Varaha Avatara( a Boar Avatara who appears from water to kill Hiranyaksa and rescue the earth)
  • Narasimha Avatara ( semi-man and semi-lion to kill Rakshasa Hiranyakashipa)
  • Vamana (dwift bramhin, a priest to destroy King Bali as fifith avatara )
  • Parasurama ( Rama with Axe in Treta yug, appeared to destroy the adharma)
  • Sri Rama (Lord Rama, king of Ayodhya appeared in Threta Yug as seventh avatara of Lord Vishnu)
  • Sri Krishna ( Appeared in Dwapara Yug  as eight avatara of Lord Vishnu)
  • Buddha ( The Founder of Buddism – Siddhartha Gauthama appeared in Kaliyug for the Enlightment of vedic dharma and mankind as ninth avatara of lord Vishnu)
  • Kalki (”Destroyer of Darkness” who is yet to be expected at the end of Kali Yuga)

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