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Ganesha – Mangalastakam

ganesh astakam
ganesh astakam

Ganesh Mangalastakam is the prayer of Lord Maha Ganapati for attaining the blessings. Lord Ganapati’s blessings are capable of bestowing both worldly pleasures and spiritual attainments on an individual. Mahaganapati Sadhana aims at neutralizing all karmas and evils of one’s past lives so as to make one eligible for enjoying wealth, prosperity and all pleasures in life to the fullest.

Ganesh Mangalastakam paves the way for total fulfillments and all pleasures in life to the fullest, thus paving the way for total fulfillmnt’s and ultimately spiritual elevation.

Here is the MahaGanapati’s Mahastakam…

Ganesha Mangalashtakam

Mangala stotras are normally recited at the end of reciting several stotras or the end of singing several songs or at the end of an auspicious function. The devotee wishes auspiciousness to the Lord. Mangalam may also mean good wishes or wishes for a happy ending.

Gajananaya Gangeya
Sahajaya sadathmane,
Gowri priya thanhujaya
Ganesayasthu Mangalam. 1

Mangalam to Ganesa,
Who has the face of an elephant,
Who is brother of Lord Subrahmanya,
Who is a great and pure soul,
And the favourite son of Parvathi.

Naga Yagnopavethaya,
Natha vigna vinasine,
Nandhyahi gana nathaya,
Ganesayasthu Mangalam. 2

Mangalam to Ganesa,
Who wears serpent as sacred thread,
Who destroys problems of his devotees,
And who is the leader of Nandhi and other Ganas.

Ibhavakthraya chendradhi
Vandhithaya chidathmane,
Eesana prema pathraya,
Cheshtadaayasthu Mangalam. 3

Mangalam to him who gives eight types of wealth,
Who has the head of an elephant,
Who is being saluted by Indra and others,
Who understands our soul,
And who is the darling of Lord Shiva.

Sumukhaya susundogro
Kshipthamrutha ghataya cha,
Sura brunda nishevyaya,
Sukhadayasthu Mangalam. 4

Mangalam to him who gives pleasures,
Who has a very pleasant face,
Who with his tusk threw the pot of nectar,
And who is served by the group of all devas.

Chathur bhujaya chandrardha
Vilasan masthakaya cha,
Dayakasthu Mangalam. 5

Mangalam to him whose feet,
Grants happiness to his devotees,
And who has four hands,
And whose head shines because of the half moon.

Vakra thundaya vatave
Vandhyaya varadhaya cha,
Viroopaksha suthayasthu
Vigna nasaya Mangalam. 6

Mangalam to him who destroys obstacles,
Who has a broken tusk, who is a Bachelor,
Who is saluted and who gives boons.

Pramodha modha roopaya
Sidhi vijnana roopine,
Prakrushta papa nasaya
Phaladhayasthu Mangalam. 7

Mangalam to him who always grants results,
Who is delighted with the form of Modhaka,
Who has the form of attainment of knowledge,
And who destroys very great sins.

Mangalam Gana nathaya
Mangalam hara soonave,
Mangalam vighna rajaya ,
Vignaharthresthu Mangalam. 8

Mangalam to remover of obstacles.
Mangalam to the lord of the ganas,
Mangalam to the son of Lord Shiva,
Mangalam to the king of obstacles.

Slokashtakamidham punyam
Mangala pradham aadharath,
Padithavyam prayathnena
Sarva vigna nivruthaye. 9

He who reads with devotion,
These holy eight verses,
Which causes good,
Would without effort,
Remove all obstacles in his way.

The best way for worshipping would be Chaturthi tidhi or a Wednesday or you can perform on a daily basis too.

Early morning have a bath and simply chant the below any of these stotras including Mangalastakam will give you relief from Debts, poverty, Navagrahaprakopam, and gives you sudden gains, prosperity, vehicles, fame, good job or position etc and also divine glimpse of the lord.

“Consistency is the best amongst all the qualities to attain spiritual achievement”.

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