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Ganapathy Prarthana

Ganesh ji
Ganesh ji


Ganapathy prarthana are full of energy and power of Lord Ganesha and these mantras when chanted with genuine devotion removes obstacles and troubles in life and blesses with success and prosperity. Ganesh Mantras are also referred to as Siddhi Mantras and can remove depression, confusion, jealousy and fear from our minds.

Ganapathi is the lord of groups of demi gods who removes obstacles. He is the God to pray first to start any pooja’s or vratha’s. Ganapathi is Vignanayak means Vignam-Obstacles, Nayak-Controlling one.  

Ganapathi is the God who removes all obstacles coming out of any act, in the life.

Praying him first to clear the obstacles is the first priority.

Ganapathi Prardhana Lyrics

Om ganana’m tva ganapa tigm havamahe

Kavim ka’vinam upamasra vastavam!

Jyestharajam brahma’nam brahmanaspata a

Na’h srnvan nutibhi’ssida sada’nam!!


Om maha ganapatha ye namaha..

Ganan’m tva tva ganana’m ganana’m tva


Ganpa’tim tva ganana’m

Ganan’m tva ganapa’tim!!

Tva ganapa’tim ganapathim tva tva ganapa’tim


Ganapa’ti gm havamahe havamahe ganapa’tim

Ganpa’ti gm havamahe kavin kavigm ha’vamahe

Ganapa’ti gm ganapa’tigm

Havamahe kavim! Ganapa’ti miti’ gana-patim!!

Havamahe kavim kavigm ha’vamahe havamahe kavim

Kavinan ka’ vinam

Kavigm ha’vamahe havamahe kavinka’ vinam!!

Kavinka’ vinan kavinam kavin kavim


Mu pamasra’vastama nkavinam kavin kavim

Ka’vinka vinaamu’ pamasra’vastamam!!

Kavinamu pamasra’va stamam upamasra’ vastamam

Kavina nka’vinamu’ pamasra’ vastamam!

Upamasra’vastama mityu’pamasra’vah-tanam!!

Jyestarajam brahma’nam brahma’nam jyestharajam’

Jyestharajam’ brahmanam

Brahmano brahmano brahma’nam jyestharajam’

Jyestharajam’ brahma’nam brahmanah!


Brahma’nam brahmano brahmano brahma’nam



Pate brahmano brahma’nam brahma’nam


Brahmanaspate pate brahmano

Brahmanaspata a pa’te brahmano

Brahmanaspata a

Pata a pa’tepata a no’na a pa’te pata a na’h!!

a no’ na a na’ ssrnvan chrnvan na ana’ ssrnvan!

Na ssrnvan chrnvanno’na

Ssrnvan nutibhi’ rutibhi ssrnvanno’na


Ssrnvannutibhi’ rutibhis srnvan chrnvan


Si dotibhi’ ssrnvan chrnvannutibhi’ ssida!!

Utibhi’ssida sidotibhi’ rutibhi’ssi dasada’nagam


Sidotibhi’rutibhi’ssidasada’nam! Utibhi rityuti-bhih!!

Sidasada’nagm sada’nagm sida sida sada’nam!

Sada’namiti sada’nam!!


 I pray to you; the lord of groups of demi-gods who removes obstacles. You are omniscient with complete knowledge; you know more than anybody else. I have come to you, recognising your greatness. You are the emperor of emperors. You are yourself Brahma. I have propitiated you with my chanting of adoring hymns.

I salute you for the fulfillment of my desires. You are the highest treasure among all treasures. You grant your devotees both treasure of food and the treasure of wisdom.

Ganesh jiWe invoke Saraswati the goddess of speech. May she be pleased with us and inspire our intelligence (to pronounce hymns properly). Prostrations to Ganesha, Saraswati, and Sri Guru.

Whoever prays lord Ganesha with this slokam with the inner sense and mind, lord Ganesha gives his blessings by giving all the success to the person by throwing out all the obstacles of life.

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