Saturday , 19 August 2017

Ganapathi Prardhana



Sankata Nasana Ganapathi Prarthana/Stotra or Sankata Nasana Ganesha Stotram is a prayer to Lord Ganesha which would destroy all sorrows. Sankada Nasana Ganapathi Prarthana/ Stotra is taken from the Narada Purana.

As the name indicates, the SANKATA HARA GANAPATHI STOTRAM is a very powerful slokam. This sloka is chanted daily for three times (at least once) to get rid of all the SANKATAs ( problems ). Hara means – killing. All the problems get destroyed by chanting this stotra of Lord Ganapathi. Number is 3 very dear to Lord Ganapathi. Hence, it is desirable to chant this thrice if possible. Praying this Stotram will help to get knowledge, wealth, get salvation and all wishes fulfilled.


Om Gananam Thvam  Ganapathi Gum Havamahe
Kavim Kavinam Upamasra vastamam
Jyestharajam Brahmanam Brahmanaspata
Anasrnvannutibhissida Sadanam

Sri Maha Ganapataye Namah

Prano daevee sarasvatee |

Vaajaebhir vaajineevatee |

Dheenaamavitryavatu ||

Ganaesaaya namah |

Sarasvatyai namah |

Sree gurubhyo namah |

Harih om ||


Ganaanaam tvaa ganaanaam ganaanaam tvaa ganapatim

ganapatim tvaa ganaanaam ganaanaam tvaa ganapatim ||

Tvaa ganapatim tvaatvaa ganapatigm havaamahae

havaamahae ganapatim tvaatvaa ganapatigm havaamahae |

ganapatigm havaamahae havaamahae ganapatim

ganapatigm havaamahae kavinkavigm havaamahae ganapatim

ganapatigm havaamahae kavim | Ganapatimitigana-patim ||

Havaamahae kavim kavigm havaamahae

havaamahae kavim kaveenaankaveenaam

kavigm havaamahae havaamahae kavinkaveenaam ||

Kavinkaveenaankaveenaam kavinkavim

kaveenaamupamasravastama mupamasravastama

nakaveenaam kavinkavim kaveenaamupamasravastamam ||

Kaveenaamupamasrava stamamupamasravastamam

kaveenaa nakaveenaa mupamasravastamam |

upamasravastama mityupamasravah-tamam ||

Jyaeshtaraajam brahmanaam brahmanaam jyaeshtharaajam

jyaeshtharaajam jyaeshtharaajam brahmanaam

brahmano brahmano brahmanaam

jyaeshtharaajam jyaeshtharaajam jyaeshtharaajam brahmanaam brahmanah |

jyaeshtharaajamitijyaeshtha raajam ||

Brahmanaam brahmano brahmano brahmanaam

brahmanaam brahmanaspatae pataebrahmano

brahmanaam brahmanaam brahmanaspatae ||

Brahmanaspatae patae brahmano brahmanaspata

aapatae brahmano brahmanaspata aa |

pata aa pataepata aanona aapatae pata aanah ||

Aanona aanassrnvan chrnvanna aanassrnvan |

na ssrnvan chrnvannona ssrnvannootibhi rootibhissrnvannona ssrnvannootibhih ||

Srnvannootibhi rootibhissrnvan chrnvannootibhisseeda

seedotibhissrnvan chrnvannootibhisseeda ||

Ootibhisseeda seedotibhi rootibhisseeda

saadanagm saadanagm seedotibhirootibhisseeda saadanam |

ootibhi rityooti-bhih ||

Seedasaadanagm saadanagm seeda seeda saadanam |

saadanamiti saadanam ||

Prano nah praprano daevee daevee nah praprano daevee |

no daevee daevee nono daevee sarasvatee sarasvatee daevee no no daevee sarasvatee ||

Daevee sarasvatee sarasvatee daevee

daevee sarasvatee vaajaebhirvaajaebhi ssarasvatee daevee

daevee sarasvatee daevee sarasvatee vaajaebhih ||

Sarasvatee vaajaebhi rvaajaebhi ssarasvatee

sarasvatee vaajaebhi rvaajineevatee vaahineevatee vaajaebhi

ssarasvatee sarasvatee vaajaebhi rvaajineevatee ||

Vaajaebhirvaajineevatee vaajineevatee vaajaebhirvaajaebhirvaajineevatee |

vaajineevateeti vaajineevatee vaajaebhirvaajaebhirvaajineevatee |

vaajineevateeti vaajinee-vatee ||

Dheenaa mavitryavitree dheenaam dheenaamavitrya

vatva vatvavitree dheenaam dheenaamavitryavatu |

avitryavatvava tvavitryavi tryavatu |

avatvityavatu ||

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