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Gayatri Mantra


GAYATRI MANTRA Om Bhoor Bhuwah Swah Tat Savitur Varenyam Bhargo Devasaya Dheemahi Deeyo yo naha prachodayat tags: gayatri mantra, gayatri daily puja, gayatra sloka, pujas, slokas and mantras, shotramsfree, online Read More »

Kubera and MahaLakshmi Mantras

Kubera Mantras (God Of Wealth) OM Shreem Om Hreem Shreem Hreem Kleem Shreem Kleem Vitteswaraay Namah Om Thatrajaya Vidmahe Aalakthisaya dheemahi Thanno kubera Prachodayat Mahalakshmi Mantras Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Kamale Kamalaleyi Praseed Praseed Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Mahalaxmiyei Namaha Om Mahalakshmicha Vidhmahe Vishnupathnicha Deemahi Thanno Lakshmi Prachodayat  tags: kubera slokas, mahalakshmi slokas, kubera mantras,kubera lakshmi mantras, free,kubhera, laxmi mantras Read More »

Ganesh Mantra Siddhi Jaap – Special Slokas of Ganesha

  Ganesh Mantra Siddhi Jaap What is Japa? JAPA, OR RECITATION, IS THE SPIRITUAL PRACTICE of devotedly repeating a mantra, generally a specified number of times, such as 108, often while counting on a strand of beads,called a japa mala. The repetition should be dutifully slow. This brings punya, merit, to the devotee. It should not be thought lessly mechanical or ... Read More »