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9 Nights of Divine Celebrations


Navratri is the 9 day long Hindu festival of worship and dance. In Sanskrit the word Navratri literally means nine nights. Nava means nine and Ratri means Nights. During these 9 nights nine forms of shakti (power) are worshipped. Each day is dedicated to a Goddess and has very important significance. In Gujarat it is the festival of dance. All ... Read More »

Navarathri – Day 1 Puja


Devi Shailaputri   1st night devoted to the puja of Ma Shailputri. Shail means mountains; Parvati, the daughter of king of Mountains Himavan, is known as “Shailputri”. Her 2 hands, display a trident and a lotus. She is mounted upon a bull. In Ashwin month (Ashwayuja masam), from Shukla Paksha Pratipada (Padyami) to Navami thithi, Navaratri Pooja is performed.Kalash Sthapana ... Read More »